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Any topic (writer’s choice)

Zamboni Manufacturing Company allows employees to purchase materials, such as metal and lumber, for personal use at a price equal to the companys cost.  To purchase materials, an employee must complete a materials requisition form, which must then be approved by the employees immediate supervisor. Bryan Nadman, an assistant cost accountant, then charges the employee […]

Write a suitable title

WATCH THE MOVIE AMERICAN FACTORY OBSERVE THE LEADERSHIP OF CHAIRMAN CAO and DISCUSS HIS LEADERSHIP STYLE PLEASE USE THE MATERIAL FROM CAMERON & GREEN and the topics we discussed in lectures CHAPTER 4 Leading change 500 words or at least one page single spaced make citations and give reference (CAMERON & GREEN)

Scholarship Essay/Education PhD

1.    Describe how you plan to use your education (masters and/or doctoral degree) to better your community or help others to help themselves, and how receiving this scholarship will help you in doing so? (750 words)2.    What would you consider one of your greatest professional successes? How did your success benefit your organization and its […]


1.  Please describe  (in a  few sentences)  a  topic area  of interest  related  to  social  networks  that  you  are considering or would consider for a final project proposal.2.  What  are some  examples  of research questions that  you  could  draw  from this  topic?Hint:thinkabout variation in some outcome, like total points scored in a soccer game, or […]

Research Essay Assignment

need to follow the research essay proposal 4. Research Essay AssignmentWeighting: 40% of final course gradeDo not complete this assignment until you have completed and received feedback on your Research Essay Proposal.Your essay should be about 4,000 to 5,000 words, or 16 to 20 double-spaced, typed pages plus a title page and a References page. […]

IT Password Requirement Essay

Your boss wants to implement new password requirements. She’d like you to make a recommendation on what the new requirements will be. She knows this is new for you, so she expects you to do some research and present your recommendations, fully cited with the resources you used to write those recommendations. Your paper should […]

Describe the principles of genetics and genomics.

Competency Describe the principles of genetics and genomics. Scenario As you work with your preceptor, you learn that she is planning a training session for all new nurses to familiarize them with principles of genetics and genomics using data from a three-generation family pedigree. She asks your help in building a pedigree and genogram to […]

Select a sexually transmitted infection (STI) and do research on it.

Select a sexually transmitted infection (STI) and do research on it. Write a 3-5 page paper about the condition/issue. In the paper discuss the concepts below: What is the pathophysiology of one STIWhat is the etiology of the selected STIWhat are the clinical manifestations of the selected STIWhat is the treatment for the selected STIUse […]


E-Cars is a Private Corporation. We have limited information however we have obtainedtheir financial statements. Please use the financial statements provided and the information below. Their Mission Statement is Below:E-Cars was founded by a group of engineers who wanted to prove that people didnt needto compromise to drive electric that electric vehicles can be better, […]

Muckraking/Alternative-Independent Media Mini Paper

Choose a contemporary independent-alternative media muckraker. Then, using the course materials, lectures and outside readings, you will research your chosen subject, their efforts and challenges, and write a 3 to 4-page paper in the APA style (including a title page, in-text citations and references) Submit to canvas by Friday, October 23 at 11:59 PM EST. […]

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