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Here is the test. Write your answers on a Word file and submit into Test 1 folder under Assignments. Part 1 (50 marks) Define and state significance for five (5) of the following terms. Each answer should be at least 3 FULL paragraphs in length. RealismIdealismOrientalismPost-StructuralismPost-ColonialismNeo-LiberalismImagined CommunitiesNationalismHistoriographySocial ConstructivismMarxist Theory of International RelationsSuez Crisis of 1956Cold […]


The 1930s have become almost a blueprint for how not do deal with an international crisis. The Great Depression crippled most major powers (including Germany, Britain, and France) and left its population susceptible to political extremism, as we saw last week. But we must also keep in mind that historical hindsight should not cloud our […]

please read the 4 articles in the instructions

write a two-page summary on what you read, including the importantce of personal finance and planningfor the future. Why does learning about this stuff matter now rather than when you are older?What advice stood out to you the most and why? Credit Scores: https://www.finra.org/investors/personal-finance/how-your-credit-score-impacts-your-financial-future Retirement: https://www.investopedia.com/articles/personal-finance/040315/why-save-retirement-your-20s.asp Budgeting: https://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/022916/what-502030-budget-rule.asp Resume Writing: https://www.resumecoach.com/resume-samples/personal-financial-advisor/

Will racism ever disappear?

presenting your proposal, provide a brief overview of the issue in question, making use of at least five outside sources in the process. In addition, discuss your interest in the issue (what led you to the issue, why it is of importance to you), and your plan of action for conducting research on the topic.

The emergence of fur trade society in the West and the North was necessary to the success of the fur trade and Aboriginal economies. Discuss.

Write a well-organized essay of 7501000 words on ONE of the following topics. Please be sure to clearly identify your essay topic at the beginning of your essay. You are expected to use relevant evidence from your Canadian History: Pre-Confederation textbook, the video presentations by Canadian historians, and from the readings in Units Six to […]

Perikles memorial oration

Perikles’ Memorial Oration states the ideals for which the young Athenian men gave their lives. These ideals were what made Athens the greatest city. Are these ideals real or were they merely aspirations by which the Athenians tried to live? If these ideas are just aspirations, do they have any true value? Does this idea […]

world history

Quick Write #2 – Working with Evidence – Traveler’s TalesAssignment Read pages 305-313. Answer the following questions in one or two paragraphs. What are some of the accuracy issues with these sources? Do we really get a true picture of the societies being described?  If not, what do these sources tell us about their authors/creators […]

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Your assignment is to listen to the following economics podcast (Is New York City Over?(Ep. 434) What you should be writing about is a very brief summary of the podcast followed by mostly your viewpoints on the podcast. Do you agree with what was said?Disagree? Why or why not?https://freakonomics.com/podcast/urban-flight-part-1/

Compare two articles on the early european approaches to the northeast of canada

Write a well-organized essay of 1000 words on ONE of the topics listed below. The purpose of the essay is to compare the research of two scholars on selected topics. When preparing this essay, begin by deciding whether the similarities or differences between their research dominate. For example, if differences are more significant than the […]

: I would like to write a paper on different climates, how they affect the earth and people and compare and contrast diffferent climates and different regions

See photo below…Teacher approved the topic of……. : I would like to write a paper on different climates, how they affect the earth and people and compare and contrast diffferent climates and different regions I am choosing to write the paper, details of the paper format and sources attached….

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