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BASED ON CHAPTERS 8 AND 9 OF THE READINGmention the main points of the readings to ground your own reflections. Yet, it is not a mere summary of the text. Hence, refrain from writing only in the form of: this happened and then that happened I want to see an elaborated dialogue that you establish […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Read the selections My Guilt by Maya Angelou and the autobiographical account of the life of Frederick Douglass. The poem written by Angelou reflects her guilt for not standing up for what she deems is a just cause, particularly the issue of Civil Rights. (Maya Angelou was a contemporary writer). Douglass gives his first-person account, […]

Textual, Visual, Idealogical Analysis

PROMPT: Choose a monster, real or fictional, and analyze a source text, a depiction in art, and the ideological manifestation of that being in modern culture. Analysis should focus on differences and similarities between the sources, postulating why some features remained, while others were distorted or removed. Monsters to choose from: Hitler, Attila the Hun, […]

integrated marketing communication

https://www.wires.org.au/about-wiresthis is my topic organization, now I need to make a plan for this organization.the objectives:Receive more government  fundingExpand outside of NSW and into other Australian states (long term) setting up a platform that allows Wires to do that would be short termPrevention of further damage to koalas from bushfiresGain more volunteersPromote awareness (through education/ads […]

Thematic Short Stories Essay

The two short stories you are about to read explore childhood and the “coming of age” understanding that each child experiences. As you read the stories, consider your reaction and viewpoint. Use the following analytical questions to begin to think about the stories as a literary critic and prepare you to write your essay:1. The […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Forecasting and Financing Projects It can be difficult to accurately forecast a project’s cash flows because many risk factors may be present. As an analyst, what will you do to increase the accuracy of the project’s cash flow forecasts? Provide details of the techniques that you would use and explain why. Some firms use more […]

Current Events – Prohibited items found in carry-on bags

read the following articles:1. https://www.ksat.com/news/2019/09/09/hundreds-of-firearms-found-each-year-in-texas-airports-at-tsa-checkpoints/2. https://www.nj.com/traffic/2020/01/bang-bang-youre-caught-tsa-nabbed-more-people-with-guns-at-the-airport-in-2019.html after this answer two questions:1. What can be done by the TSA and airlines to curtail this hazard?2. Specifically, recommend what can be done to educate and inform the public to increase awareness of unacceptable items?

graphic design

Post the 10 examples of any one of the archetypal symbols you chose: -Sun-Eye-Hand-Fish-Star-Bird ->This is what I chose-Tree-Human figure Follow the instructions for posting and labelling and answer the following prompts in your post: Part1: What are the meanings and associations of the symbol you chose? Part2: Why do you think that symbols remain […]

A Modest Proposal

After reading the selection, develop an essay with three parts. In each part, you will explore “A Modest Proposal” in a slightly different way.Part 1: Explain the various literary techniques and conventions utilized by the author to accomplish his purpose.Part 2: Although the main premise of this short story is absurd, reflect on the authors […]

Session 3-4 Reflection 2

Please read this carefully.Critically evaluate one of the motivation theories that youve learned today [please check “Lecture Note_” pdf], and discuss it with a business case [I gave u “business case” pdf] It should be based on the lecture and offer evidence of your furtherstudy. I seek and value your contribution, both academically in advancing […]

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