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Archive for the ‘APA’ Category

How Social Media Impacts Women’s Self Esteem and Body Image

The Week 3 assignment is the first draft of your academic argument. In this assignment, you will show that you are making progress in all course learning outcomes: Interpret information through close and critical reading.Demonstrate effective use of the writing process.Employ effective academic tone, style, mechanics, and citation method.Integrate relevant source material effectively and ethically.Support […]

honors project

this paper is an honors project critical thinking review 12 font time new Roman double space with even margin text Please follow every instruction and details for this paperit a 7 page paper citation is not included as number of pages given there are two files attached please revise the paper according to the corrections […]

Role Change Assignments

Using your Potter & Perry, Claywell and Lweis textbook and information from the Texas Board of Nursing, answer the following questions.  Make sure to address all 3 questions. You are the RN caring for an elderly woman who has suffered a hip fracture. The charge nurse RN has been called to the room of another […]

Brochure on health

Create an informational brochure for seniors about how one can improve their lives through healthy living. Use statistics and facts. Remember it is a brochure, so it should use a 2-fold layout/3 column (front and back), be colorful and catchy, and easy to read and understand. Cite your resources. Overall look of the brochure (layout, […]

Business analysis report

Write an ethics report analyzing Strategic Compliance Management and Transparency issues of a rapidly expanding international company. In your last job, you learned that a new company, Boomerang Industrial Complexity (BIC), was advertising for a business consultanta job you wanted; the consultant was to provide input on compliance measures enabling the organization to minimize ethical […]

Innovation in radar

You will write an informal report addressing how an innovation from within the last 2-3 years could be applied to your unit or department at work. *******Your report must:Be in the form of an informal report, including heading and formatting elements Reference at least 3 reliable sources Cite sources using either APA style or neat […]

Any topic that is not too far fetch from todays times

Observation Study: Directions:Introduction: Introduce your topic in the first paragraph and include operational definitions of the elements you are looking at (ex: positive female response was measured by smiling). Also include your hypotheses (both alternative- what you think will happen and the null- the opposite of what you think will happen or no change). Include […]

Communication through social media apps and face-to-face communication OR Being an only child and having siblings

Write a 500-word long, five-paragraph Compare/ Contrast Essay on ONE of the following topics:(If you choose to write using the block method you can write a four- paragraph essay with the same word count) 1.  Communication through social media apps and face-to-face communication2.  Being an only child and having siblings Instructions1. Your essay should be […]

“Evaluate Burgoynes and Howes operations in 1777-1783 using the principles of war. Make sure to describe the key players in the battle.”

You will be writing a 4-5 page paper on the writing prompt identified above. Your paper needs to be written in APA format. Title page, abstract and reference paper do not count as pages for your paper. You need a minimum of three references for each paper. You may use the book as a one […]

Racial Disparities in US Healthcare

Essay should cover the topic of disparities in healthcare for Black Americans being treated by non-Black physicians taking the position that the disparity is real and whole racially charged. The argument against can be that it isnt racial, but due largely to poverty. Or any other argument you choose. Please use these sources primarily. Other […]

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