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Archive for the ‘Psychology and Education’ Category

Grit and Mindset

The prompt is In “The Stranger by Albert Camus, does Meursault express any levels of grit throughout the text? Which character has the most grit through the novel? Which characters possess a fixed mindset? Which characters possess a growth mindset?” I will need quotes from these two excerpts and quotes from the novel “The Stranger” […]

State of the School Data Analysis for Continuous School Improvement

HARRIET TUBMAN CHARTER SCHOOL (New Orleans, LA) Imagine you are a member of your school or districts leadership team.  You are a school leader (principal, associate principal, assistant principal), lead teacher, technology facilitator, master teacher, or instructional coach.  Your leadership team is required to share with your schools stakeholders the plan for improving the school. […]

Current events article reflection

The New York Times is a great resource for finding current events articles about Psychology.  For this assignment, you will choose a New York Times article from the provided options, and write a 3-page reflection paper on the article. **Be sure to create your free account with the New York Times to have full access […]

Test Critique Outline

Test Critique OutlineChoose a psychological test (not the one you designed!) from the book or from a journal article. Make sure there is at least one empirical article (published in a journal) where they have used the instrument in testing a hypothesis (not just a validation/reliability study on the instrument). You can do this in […]


Please read (attached) pages 104-106 for Kohlberg and Gilligan, then pages 98-101 for Erikson’s psychosocial tasks at different stages of life. Read pages 465-466 for readings on Suicide Most of us have asked ourselves the question “Who am I?” at one point or another in our lives. Coon et al.(2019) discuss the difficulties teenagers face […]

differential research

This is the third report which builds on the previous two reports. I will attach the second report and the rubric that came back with the report. I need you to please look at what i did wrong, what the comments are and work on report three. For this report, we are looking at how […]

Education Ethical issue

News Article Selection GuidelinesThe articles or news stories that you choose must:1.    Be found in a newspaper, a news program, or another reputable news source2.    Be published within the last month3.    Be clearly related to the field of education4.    Clearly address biblical and/or ethical issuesEach article review must cover different topics. Refrain from using follow-up […]

Criminology/Psychology/Policy Law

5 pages. Part 1 Heading: Problem StatementPart 2 Heading: Recommendations Proposed a new or reform an existing policy to decrease victims from cyber crimes. I considered by enforcing punishment and breaking through the jurisdictional barrier because cyber crimes can lead to staying completely anonymous. The topic I chose to address is Child Exploitation.  The pandemic […]

Psychology of Women

Read the given reading in the PDF fileThen answer all 6 questions to follow. Remember to use examples and definitions in your answers. Each answer is worth a certain amount of marks which is listed next to each question. I accept full marks given for each question answered. 3 pages MAXIMUM. Do not go over.

Sex and Seniors, the topic is to write about the relationship of the elder population and their relationship with sex

task is to write a literature review on the topic of your choice. Specifications:  5-6 pages (anything over is fine, but pretty please no more than 10). This page limit only includes the text of your paper, not the title page or references, an abstract isnt necessary for a homework assignment.  You will need to […]

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