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Archive for the ‘APA’ Category

Contemporary Voices

You will examine your own American experience. You will complete a writing assignment that expresses or explains what being an American means to you and how America and its core values have influenced your life. You may write about your individual American experience, the experience of your family, it the experience of the group from […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Exam questions:1. Hybrid generic nature of the new British fiction. Mixed genres.2. The revisionist dimension of the pseudo-Victorian novel.3. Gender and sexual identity as the fundamental categories of analysis in women and gay/lesbian fiction.4. Authority and authentic voice in a multicultural text (US or UK).5. Reliable / unreliable narrator in a multicultural text (US or […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Ghostwritten Manuscript of ProposalStudents will write a ten minute speech proposing an initiative or plan of action on an issue relevant to the university or local community The speeches will be ghostwritten for a specific individual who would likely address this issue. The manuscript style delivered speech must have an introduction, body with at least […]


Choose one of the religions we covered this semester. Answer each of the following questions in your essay. – What are the teachings of this religion regarding God or the divine or unconditioned reality? – What does this religion say about the afterlife? – What does this religion teach about ethics (good, bad, right, wrong, […]

Pollution in L.A.

Give a history of pollution and where it comes from. How it can harm the planet and humans. Give history of when pollution started heavy in Los Angeles and how it progress from factories and cars to all kinds of other carbon in the air and where it comes from. A detailed history of the […]

Sustainable Development Goals Kindly do not use Wikipedia sources. Follow instructions below.

Sustainable Development goals. It will focus on Goal number 3 Good health and well being. This paper focuses on Kenya. Especially maternal health and how it has evolved or developed from the 90’sto today.It will analyse every bit of maternal health in Kenya.Use MLA style. Kindly avoid Wikipedia sources.Paper instructionsPaper should have the following.. table […]

Chapter 13 review

Read and review Chapter 13 in Juvenile Justice sixth edition by Karen Hess, Christine Orthmann and John Paul Wright In this response you are to provide 3 key things you learned, 2 ahas or insights (ahas or insights is something that was interesting to you that you did not know), and 1 question that you […]


This weeks discussion requires a critical reading of a newspaper article from the Los Angeles Times and the writing of two paragraphs. One paragraph must be written in third person point of view; the other paragraph must be written in first person point of view. Paragraph #1:  One summary paragraph written in third person point […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

In this genre, the writers goal is to make the reader experience the information. The writer incorporates the senses, such as sound, sight, and even aroma, in conveying a description. Craft a well-written essay describing a place you have visited. Your observation, to be interesting, i.e. to be significant, must be subjective” (qtd. in Stewart). […]


Your essay will focus on 5 major theories of business ethics: Ethical FundamentalismUtilitarianism Rawl’s Social Justice TheoryEthical RelativismKantian EthicsYou may select any one of these 5 theories to state your position about the following business ethics question/issue. You will decide whether you want to use your selected theory to determine whether the business in question […]

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