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Archive for the ‘Writing Styles’ Category

Policy Analysis Excercise

**********Please Provide a Paper and a Powerpoint Overview *********Group Topic :    American Health Care Association The purpose of the policy analysis exercise is to give you the opportunity to work with a specific health policy advocacy topic. This project will integrate the knowledge you have been learning in the course and apply it to […]

Gun Control Act 1968/Federalism

Gun Control Act of 1968it is important to remember that your paper should focus on a specific policy and that your paper will need to address the following components:    Historical and constitutional basis for the American governments structure    The system of checks and balances the balance between the different branches in the government)     The […]


Write a short paper (2 pages plus a cover page and reference page) on any three characteristics that you think are important for a good leader. State the three characteristics in your introduction, tell me why you think this is important, and give an example in context. Quote at least two resources.  Please use APA […]

Should we forgive student loans?

instructions posted below in files. also, you can keep in mind the SEE-I Method when writing my essay.which is: “First step to critical thinking-ask questions SEE-I methodState the problemelaborate. Explain or define the thesis from step one in your own words.exemplify (give examples)illustrate (its like)”

Argument Analysis Essay

Please write an analysis of ONE of the following: Go Ahead, Speak for Yourself by Kwame Anthony Appiah (pgs. 114-115)https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/10/opinion/sunday/speak-for-yourself.html How Do You Explain the ‘Obvious’ by Nausicaa Renner (pgs. 117-119)https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/21/magazine/how-do-you-explain-the-obvious.html The Checklist for Analyzing a Text will be extremely helpful to you as you develop your analysis. You are welcome to do outside research, […]

module 3

Paper Instructions:  For this Module 3 SLP Assignment, you are required to apply application to Product/Service- “Travel Agency” as it relates to a Distribution & Marketing Plan for the company. Research is required. The written assignment requires an Intro (2-3 sentences), Body, Conclusion (2-3sentences), in-text citations and References, written in third person. Please show clearly […]

Working with Complex Populations

select a case management manual, which serves one of the populations described in chapter 8 and report on how they work with the population in your initial post. Suggested populations include health care including hospice or chronic illness, mental health, addictions, child welfare, geriatrics, criminal justice, HIV/AIDS, military and veterans, rural communities or the homeless […]

Should we forgive student loans?

https://sjsu.zoom.us/rec/play/aDKJn11pBMEaL2j4OXc07pW90oLJ17Pc4EMd_n2N6IVoR5OmyggzmSysnwrRCsrne3xPOXFEPIPDhlu2.mZ1oafJn2nn9Vz3J?continueMode=true&_x_zm_rtaid=jA-V9NehQ3KmDPATrPi4-g.1613539125443.e68e3a67698b40b679305667e7af7637&_x_zm_rhtaid=10Password: g7VQzzM. Link above is how to use peer reviewed sources


Paper instructions: For this Module 3 Case, it involves learning about marketing and creating a distribution & marketing plan. The Case Assignment Expectations: The written assignment requires an Intro, Body, Conclusion, in-text APA citations and References, written in third person. Please show clearly in the written report the topics from the Mod3 Case Assignment being […]


What Legal, Regulatory, and Ethical issues are raised in the Frontline video, “The Trouble with Chicken”?Who is to blame for the harm caused by unsafe products in this industry: Business Meat Processors, Government Regulators, Consumers?How successful were the major players in this industry in attempts to protect their Value Images?What should be done to prevent […]

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