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Archive for the ‘Natural science’ Category

Food Action Project

Food Action Project, 1)    After reading chapters 9 and 10 in the textbook,(attached) decide on a food action that you could take in your community sometime in the future to address a local food issue. Perhaps you will map local stores and/or restaurants that source their food locally, volunteer at a soup kitchen or community […]

Placing Pubic Art Photo-Essay

Examining the relationship between public art, place, and identity can inform our understanding of urban experience. Public art may be used to promote a citys image, as an attempt to revitalize neighborhoods, and as a means to strengthen existing notions of place identity. Geographers have become interested in these issues because they speak to the […]

Covid-19 and the City

In 2019, the first modern world pandemic, Covid-19, purportedly began in a local Chinese wet market (where live animals are killed). The risk of pathogens jumping from animals to humans has always been there, the difference now is that diseases are likely to spring up in both urban and natural environments. We have created densely […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Throughout the semester you are responsible for answering four critical thinking questions related to topics covered in this course.  These questions are designed to make you think about the complexities of environmental issues.  You will be able to apply the knowledge you have gained from this course to form well thought out answers.  You will […]


When we started this semester, I said there was going to be an event that made the news headlines, and then we watched the Covid19 develop in China. I remember when there were 450 cases and 22 deaths in China. Then it became a pandemic. We have lived through a most remarkable semester that I […]

Pollution in L.A.

Give a history of pollution and where it comes from. How it can harm the planet and humans. Give history of when pollution started heavy in Los Angeles and how it progress from factories and cars to all kinds of other carbon in the air and where it comes from. A detailed history of the […]

about gravity, electricity, and magnetism as major forces acting in nature.

S8P5. Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information about gravity, electricity, and magnetism as major forces acting in nature. a. Construct an argument using evidence to support the claim that fields (i.e., magnetic fields, gravitational fields, and electric fields) exist between objects exerting forces on each other even when the objects are not in contact. b. Plan […]

White Bread Kitchen Chemistry Project

Participants in this project will research the chemical reactions involved in the baking or cooking of a specific food. In a nutshell, you will find the recipe of food you would like to bake or cook and explain the chemical reactions occurring every 2 steps of the recipe. Only the RESEARCH, MATERIALS, and PROCEDURE sections […]

Boundary Dispute

Professors Instructions: “…if one state wants to limit immigration, while the other does not, a dispute may arise.” There are countless examples of this around the world today, not least of which is what is happening just south of Tucson. Briefly describe one situation that falls under this heading in the world today (or choose […]

Analyzing culture

Professors Instructions:Consider the Geography of Language or Religion in the context of a Walking Tour Map of Downtown Tucson: (https://tucsonpresidio.com/content/turquoise-trail-map) Consider four specific place names or religious locations found in this map (at least one of each) and describe the geographic connections between this place and the culture of Tucson and your perspective about who […]

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