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In what way does the film Cinema Paradiso discuss issues of film culture and film spectatorship? Is this film culturally specific (revealing elements specific to Italy) or Universal (addressing themes that we call all relate to regardless of culture)?

In at least 500 words and referencing one primary source (film review, artist interview, reference to promotional materials), one secondary source (journal article) and your textbook discuss the following: In what way does the film Cinema Paradiso discuss issues of film culture and film spectatorship?  Is this film culturally specific (revealing elements specific to Italy) […]

art history

Please read Goldthwaite pp. 29-66 and answer the following questions. Please remember that you are not allowed to consult outside sources and that each response should indicate the page number from the text where you found your answer. You don’t need to write in your own words, just find the short answer from the book […]


This research proposal need to include:1. The machine of their selection with historical information (name of the machine,name of the inventor, if known, date of invention, place of invention) andsignificance for the design disciplines.2. An annotated bibliography listing at least three primary and ten secondarysources for their machine. Wikipedia and blogs do not count as […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Reflect on the following: The Rolodex The Rubber Band Organic Sales Word of Mouth Write a 300-500 word essay with a clear point of view about any of the topics. Example: Articulate how these will help your long-term success, or how they have already helped you in high school, college, freelancing, etc.


The Graduate (Nichols, 1967) General Instructions: For this week’s discussion, select a moment from The Graduate that utilizes cinematographic techniques in meaningful ways. Your goal is to explain how cinematographic techniques contribute to the mood/tone/meaning of your chosen moment. Be sure to avoid scenes that are covered, in-depth, in the lecture. Write 200+ words.The Basics: […]

Crime and Punishment

Read:  Wrongful Conviction (Links to an external site below.)  and Facts about the death penalty.  (Links to an external site below.)Check out some of the work done on some of the Innocence Project  (Links to an external site.)cases. Continue reading the course textbook.2. Watch: Into the Abyss  (Links to an external site.)or  The Thin Blue […]

Cross-Cultural Fusion Analysis, World Music Culture

InstructionsGoal: The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate the cultural appropriation of music. Course Objective(s): CO-1, CO-2, CO-3, CO-4 Description: Part of the phenomena of world music is the appropriation by Western musicians of non-Western instruments, sounds, structures and styles. There is also the appropriation by non-Western musicians of elements of Western music, including […]

Music Experience Short Essay

Everyone has experience in music! Every member of this class has participated in a musical activity, either as a performer or listener. This assignment asks you to share your musical experiences and opinions. In a short assignment of at least one hundred words, I would like you to write about the role music has in […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Hi , I need to have this essay done for my scholarship application the description as follows: CHARLES A. WILSCAM, JR. STUDENT EXCELLENCE – The Charles A. Wilscam, Jr. Student Excellence fellowship is awarded to graduate or doctoral students majoring in architecture, interior design or community and regional planning. Applicants should be students who exhibit […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

In this discussion, you will listen to the Song “Hurt” as sung by two musicians Trent Reznor and Johnny Cash and compare the two versions.1.How are the versions different?2.How are they the similar?3.Does your interpretation of the song change based on the version? How and why?4.What different images come to mind.5.is there a difference in […]

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