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Literary Analysis

The topic I chose was HOME BY SILVIA SAUNDERS After selecting and reading the story, choose one of the following topics to analyze in a five-paragraph paper:

1. Characterize one of the characters from the story. Create a thesis that analyzes some attribute of the character. (Ex: Tom may seem like a cold, heartless killer, but a deeper look shows that he is really a scared little boy.) Choose three aspects of the character to use in the analysis. Each aspect must contribute to your attribute from your thesis.
2. Discuss the use of imagery in the story. Create a thesis that connects the images into a larger idea being portrayed in the story. (Ex: The animal imagery in the story clarifies to readers that world that seems so modern and technologically savvy is really more base and animalistic than it at first appears.) Make sure you have at least three images to support your thesis.
3. Discuss a theme of the story using three literary devices to validate the theme. (Ex: Fear of the unknown often prevents people from moving forward and accepting new ideas as is shown in the setting, imagery, and protagonist.) Each element of literature will be a body paragraph.
4. Discuss the significance of the setting(s) in the story. (Ex: The dark, vast woods create an atmosphere of fear and confusion that cause the characters to make panicked choices, which affect their fates.) In this paper, each character will be analyzed (in three separate paragraphs) according to choices the setting caused them to make.

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