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Sociological Perspectives “Film Contagion”

Using the free recording and editing software Audacity, compose a 5- to 7-minute audio recording with speaker notes (a verbatim transcript) in which you present your initial analysis of your previously selected film. This recording will primarily address sections III and IV of your final project. Select one of the major social issues in your film and address the following:

Identify the social phenomena influencing the social issue you selected, substantiating your identification(s) with course readings and an additional article.
Apply an appropriate key theoretical perspective to explain the relationship between the social phenomena and the social issue, detailing the appropriateness of the perspective chosen.
From the theories we have covered thus far in the course, identify one key classical sociological theory and one key contemporary sociological theory that help explain the relationship between the social phenomena and the social issue depicted in the film. Why are these theories appropriate in examining the relationship? What insight do they give into the relationship between the social issue and society?

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