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Chinese Films Relating to Modern China

The overall idea is to explain how the films “To Live”, “Thomas Mao”, “Touch of Sin”, and “Tiananmen” explain aspects of contemporary China. That statement is very general. I want the writing to explain how these films connect with each other in the sense that the expansion of China has come with the expense of many of its people’s livelihood. Many of the films show us what the great economic expansion of China is doing to the majority of its people. It’s not a pretty picture, but it’s a compelling one. Although “Tian’anmen” is really centered on propaganda, in a way its hiding whats happening behind the scenes. 

Directors of the films
“To Live” – Zhang Yimou
“Thomas Mao” – Kate Zhu
“Touch of Sin” – Jia Zhangke
“Tiananmen” – Ying Yip

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