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Marketing Plan

You are to add the next section of your marketing plan which are the objectives.  Since you are eventually going to be turning in one plan it is a good idea to just add each section to the sections completed in prior weeks.  For your objectives they must be measurable.  Think about how you will measure you success and include that in your explanation.  Have at least 4-5 objectives and easy suggestions are for example:  Increase profits 10% the first year, add 10 new customers a month, etc.  Make sure the objectives have a quantitative measure or you will lose points on the assignment. This should flow from last weeks analysis of the 5cs and SWOT. Last week you did your research on the market and your product or service so you should know what is possible. A 10% market share of a 10 million dollar market means an objective of 1 million in sales as an example. You must be specific, connect to your analysis of last week and be factual. This will set the stage for all the rest of the plan STP and the 4 Ps. It must all flow together. Start with the environment move to objectives then segment, target and position and finally design your marketing mix of product, price, promotion and place (channels of distribution). It all flows and must be consistent.

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