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faith week 3


Post a substantive response to Forum prompts by  11:59 PM  Tuesday night.  Include information from the weekly readings to support your response.
Post a substantive response to a minimum of one peer by  11:59 PM  Thursday night .
                    See Online Discussion Forums section of Syllabus for complete instructions.


All organizational behavior and management theories must be analyzed against Biblical truths. If they do not agree, the theory, concept, or practice must be discounted.  Read Matthew 25:14-46 and address the concepts of job design, employee involvement, and reward structures. Address the implications of this passage on the psychological contract between the employee and the employer, internal equity in establishing a pay structure, and the Top Three Benefits of Constructing Effective Organizational Reward Systems.  Then, identify how rewards are related to performance in your organization and discuss the effects of a reward structure on organizational culture. Support your answer with explicit examples.


Chapter 6. Motivation Through Job Design and Employee Involvement

Chapter 7. Organizational Reward Systems and Pay Structures

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