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heroku deployed application

this is my final project for a class i’m taking. we’ve gotten it as far as we can and need help to get it across the finish line.

i need this app described below:

using react.js, node and express, MongoDB, heroku create an app

overview of full intended application:

FitnessFighter seamlessly syncs with the users smartwatch’s stepcounter to earn the user “fitcoins” (1 step = 1 fitcoin)that can be used to purchase battle powerups. Users can battle other users to win coins. when signing up users choose a username and choose between land, sea and magic creature and get assigned a creature that is one of 3 colors randomly

an app that you log into, the user is authenticated, and then taken to a screen with their creature and current fitcoin coin count. If they’ve accummulated any coins since last log in, it will briefly appear as a red “+999” (or whatever the number of steps accumulated is) and then add to their total in realtime. In this screen there will be 3 options. Option One is to seek a battle, clicking on it will match you with someone looking for a battle, take you to a title screen for the battle (Evee vs Charmander99!) and show that X number of coins have been taken from each participant to initate the battle and then the battle happens (a set of fixed graphics, bang! zap! plod!) and the result of the battle is based off 40% player attributes and 60% randomization and then it shows who has earned the coins and then takes you back to the main screen. Option Two is to use your coins to powerup your creature, click on a screen, see a bar graph respresentation of your creatures current attributes and choose which you would like to boost, click on it, your bar graph ticks up and coins are subtracted, back to the main screen. Option Three is to log out.

screen by screen walkthrough of elements needed: https://pr.to/YY32OS/

and this is as far as we’ve gotten so far:


we need a deployed app on heroku.

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