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Franchise Business Final Report

So you have done the Research proposal (3 pages) and the Literature Review (about 12 pages) for me and now is the Final report (around 8 pages) so it will be about 20-25 pages in total. I had upload them below which you can do the final report refer to that. And also I upload one of the example that you did for the final report (The last file).

The Final report must focus on a specific research question. (You did two research questions at the end of the literature review but is too broad, need a specific one which i can discuss with you later)

Here are some ideas from the tutor:
1. Compare different Franchise (successful / unsuccessful) business
2. Characteristics of : successful / unsuccessful franchise business in Australia
3. Ethics increasing problem / Things improved
4. Franchise agreement: lead to Franchise satisfaction / dissatisfaction
5. When franchise work, when not. Learn from failure
5. Consumer behavior, specific organisation, industry
Case study: detailed, base on existing study

1. Analysis of Franchise Performance through use of a Typology: An Australian Investigation
2. Making Franchising Work: A Framework Based on a systematic Review

First part: Board discussion
Second part: Focus on major study
Research, Design, Recommend

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